The best portable sewing machine

What are the best portable sewing machines in 2017?


It may not automatically come to mind, but a portable sewing machine can be useful at any time. It can be used above all to sew your clothes for every desire and anywhere. She can also be your ally to kill time during your various trips.

Best Sewing Machine

To ensure a quality product and to avoid investing in unreliable items, it is recommended that you have some information and follow the next few tips that our comparison will list.

This kind of device is primarily less bulky and does not take up too much space, so highly recommended for people who live in a small studio. Subsequently, it is a very compact device, removable and is especially useful for performing less important seams such as the hem, rectification or mending of a coat. This unit usually works with batteries to allow its owners to use it independently. However, there are models on the market that come with an adapter that allows them to benefit from a power supply. One of the reasons why many people opt for this kind of material is that it can accompany them in their journey and in different outings. Before being seduced by this or that model, also check this : BROTHER XR9500PRW Review

First, check the speed levels offered by the machine. The higher the speed, the better the device. Subsequently, you must check the stitches. It is more advantageous to select and purchase an item that has preset stitching points or that can be adjusted in length or width. Do not forget to consider the various programs that accompany the product. The more they are, the more the device is more convenient and versatile. Finally, you can request a few functions on the device such as the presence of a lighting system, a winding function and a reverse technology to make your sewing work more pleasant and comfortable.

Our comparison has seen fit to offer you these 3 items that are the most appreciated on the market.


Recommended products:


Yosoo – Yosoo


This portable sewing machine offers good ergonomics since it is possible to hold it in the palm of the hands. Which makes its control and its use more practical and simpler.

It is a device of great use in everyday life because it is possible to benefit from its different solutions at any time and in various places.

It is powered by 4 AA batteries but it is possible to connect it to a power source through an adapter.

It is a perfect choice for beginners in the field of sewing as the handling of the device does not require some knowledge.


TV Top Sales 02927


It is a very versatile and very compact device. He is the faithful companion of the great travelers to make to the various misadventures such as unforeseen rips or other sewing works. It only takes a few minutes to make hems on pants or curtains.

It is a device that is easy to handle and is perfect for beginners in sewing. It suffices to press a single button to turn it on and enjoy these performances.

Once the sewing work is complete, it is easy to store this device in the drawer of a bedside table or in the pocket if the person is traveling.

This unit only works with 4 1.5V AA batteries and can not be connected with an adapter.

Itian – EZG47


By its size, this model of portable sewing machines offers a better grip. Indeed, it will be easy for you to hold it in the palm of your hand. Thus, this mini machine will be easy to handle and operate.

It is the ideal tool for quick and easy tasks like making repairs or modifications. It will save you time if you work with your curtains, your home decor and your clothes.

This device has a rotating wheel that will allow you to adjust it according to your needs. For efficiency, its designers have provided a tension control for suture tightness adjustments.

Light, it will be easy to take with you on your travels. Offering easy use, even beginners and novices will be able to use it.

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